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Every month, we send out a new prayer letter, giving our supporters and friends a quick look into what the Lord allowed us be a part of. Missed a prayer letter? No worries. Catch up on all our latest updates here. 


We are afforded the opportunity to be involved at a local church in El Paraíso with preaching. We also continue making improvements to our facility in preparation for the conference. 



Preparations for the pastors' conference continue, and each new week, we see more pastors getting sponsored for the July meeting. We also announce our updated website with brand-new content.


As the July conference approaches rapidly, our family continues to make the necessary preparations for the visiting pastors and guest speakers. We also have an exciting update on the Sponsor-a-Pastor project.



As we begin our year, we head back to the States again due to residency. Furthermore, we are thrilled to present a brand-new program in which you can personally get involved in our pastors' conference. 


This month, we take time to look back over everything the Lord allowed us to be involved in through 2023. We journey through each month and give God the glory for the many open doors He guided us through.  



We fly back to the States for our home church's missions conference. Shortly afterwards, our entire family flies to Mexico with a team from our church for a pastors' conference in León, Mexico. 


With the collaboration of our fellow missionaries, we help host a large missions group from Greater Portland Baptist Church. In addition, we are blessed with the arrival of my mother on the mission field. 

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Video updates | Projects 

Every so often, we'll compile photos, videos, updates, or project information in a video format for easy-to-understand content. Our desire is to make our missions and vision as clear and concise as possible so our readers are well-informed on what we're doing next. 


Take a look at all of our recent endeavors! We've organized it by project and event to make for easy navigation. We hope that you are able to see just a bit deeper into what we do in Honduras.

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