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About us

Where we started, what we've done, and why we are here


My wife Kathy and I have been married since November of 1999. God has blessed us with three children: Dakota, MaKayla, and Brayden. From 2000, our family began working together in the many ministries of Faith Baptist Church under Pastor Mark Smith. We count it a great privilege to have served at our church faithfully with our children for nineteen years. After two years of deputation, we arrived on the field and have been serving here in Danlí since January of 2022. We are thrilled and humbled at God’s calling on our lives to exemplify our heavenly Father on the mission field of Honduras!


My dad served as the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA, for nearly twenty years. During my junior year of high school, God called my parents to the mission field of Honduras. While with my parents on deputation, I met my bride-to-be, Kathy, at a missions conference. After high school, I went off to Massillon Baptist College for four years, graduated with a bachelor's in divinity, and Kathy and I were married in 1999. We moved to Irving, TX, and my wife and I involved ourselves in as many ministries as possible at our local church.

The Lord moved us back to Tacoma in 2000 to the same church where my dad pastored. I had the privilege to raise my family at Faith Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Mark Smith, who was and still currently is the pastor. My family was involved in many ministries over the years, and I served as an assistant pastor and music director for over nineteen years. We also had the privilege of being involved in many missions endeavors, including multiple trips to Honduras.


In April of 2016, after the passing of my dad, we embarked on a missions trip for the first International Pastors' Training Center Conference in Danlí. Even though I had been there multiple times previously, God began to stir my heart for the people of Honduras in a very different way. After seven months of prayer and fasting, I received confirmation through His Word that He was indeed opening a brand-new door of opportunity for our family to step through. From that time in November of 2016, we worked, prayed, and prepared with our pastor for God’s perfect timing. In 2020, God gave us the liberty to start our missions journey. After two years of deputation, we moved to our mission field, and have been located here in Danlí, Honduras, since 2022.



Our main focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout all of Honduras and Central America. We also feel the urge to encourage and enable the people the Lord places in our path. We desire to reach out to those who minister so they in turn are able to minister better to their families, churches, and communities--to enable men of God and plant new ministries to further the reach of the gospel throughout Honduras. In the many ministries that the Lord has given us, we have seen time and time again that when we can help a pastor, he can help his people. 


In 2016, the Lord gave the vision to our pastor to found an International Pastors' Training Center in Danlí. Our desire is that God would use our family to continue reaching out to ministries and help establish new churches--to equip them with materials and teach them key aspects of ministry and leadership. Since that time, the Lord has expanded our vision, and we not only want to touch lives in Honduras, but those across all of Central America.

Mission Board


We understand that in order for us to be effective missionaries, we need to have the support of a strong missions board--to partner with us in our outreach endeavors on the field and share the same philosophy of evangelism and missions. As there are many wonderful and supportive missions boards, it was a difficult decision. We prayerfully considered and sought God’s leading and pastoral council as to which board would best fit our specific situation. We wholeheartedly believe that the Lord led us to go through Baptist International Missions, Inc. We were accepted into the BIMI family on December 2, 2019, during the winter candidate school training. Our regional directors are Bro. and Mrs. Terry and Kaye Jones, and we are thrilled to work with them to expand our impact and reach across Central America.

Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI)
8614 Harrison Bay Road
Harrison, TN 37341

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