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Our Ministries

Not only are we able to host the annual International Pastors' Training Center Conference, but the Lord has given us so many other ministries. The more time we spend here, the more doors continue to open up to our family. It is such an honor and privilege to see as God works in incredible ways in the conference center, ministries, and community.


Traffic Police Force

The Lord has given us incredible connections to the local Danlí police force through our fellow missionaries, the Tates. We were able to befriend the commandant, who is a believer, and we have been able to work many times with several of the task forces who deal specifically with traffic control. Now, police will stop vehicles at specific road checks and give every single driver a New Testament. Nearly every month, officers arrive at our property to load hundreds of more boxes into their vehicles to continue the spread of the gospel. 

Community Police Force

Another police ministry is through another of their special groups--trained specifically to prevent gang activity through educating the young by holding community youth activities. We have partnered many times with this force at our conference facility, and every year we celebrate National Kids' Day with these police, who bring their bouncy house for the church and community kids. We pray that God continues to hold this door wide open and provides more ways to reach kids.  


Presidential Military

Every Thursday, we drive three hours west to the capital city, through the presidential gate, and down to the on-site military base. The colonel in charge of the base, who knows us well, has asked us to come and preach to the soldiers for twenty minutes every week. We have distributed Bibles and materials many times as new recruits rotate in. Praise the Lord, we have seen many salvations. We pray that God will give us the opportunity to give the Honduran president herself a custom presentation and a special Bible someday. 

Materials to National Pastors

Among of our frequent visitors are local pastors and missionaries who need Scriptures for their soul winning and evangelical outreaches. We are privileged to house hundreds of thousands of Spanish New Testaments and whole Bibles in our facilities, shipped from BLMF in Tennessee. These containers of resources are among the many expenses of our ministry--BLMF prints the Bibles as a ministry and does not charge, but shipping and import taxes are rising steadily. We pray God continues to move through individuals and ministries and provides the necessary materials.


Local Church Work

Iglesia Bautista Belén, the local church we attend, also has many ministry outreaches in which our family is involved. From preaching to orchestra to kids' classes to soul winning to special meetings, we are so glad we can partner with the national pastor and be a part of their ministries. The church has been very gracious and encouraging to our family, and we are grateful we can be a blessing to them and allow them to use our facilities.

International Travel

We did not anticipate the amount of travel we would be doing, but the Lord has continued to allow us to visit many Central American countries for conferences. From a pastors' conference in Mexico, to a mass evangelical outreach in Peru, to a young people's seminary conference in El Salvador, to a music-themed conference in Nicaragua, we are blown away by how the Lord's hand is moving. We continue to pray we stay malleable to His will and He shows us the next step to take.

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