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Meet our Family.

Please allow us a moment to introduce ourselves. 

“I was raised in a loving Christian home and have been extremely blessed to be in church all of my life. My dad served on staff at Central Baptist Church in Texas as an assistant pastor when I was born. The Lord directed my parents to move in 1980 to Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington, where my dad took the pastorate. My dad led me to the Lord when I was five years old and he baptized me shortly thereafter. Being a part of a pastor's home allowed our entire family to be very involved in many aspects of the ministry such as the bus routes, children’s ministries, music ministries, etc. During my junior year of high school, my parents let me know that they were called to the mission field of Honduras. So, for my senior year, I decided to travel with my parents on deputation, which proved to be a great decision as I met my future wife on deputation. I attended Massillon Baptist College in Ohio, and after graduation, married my wife Kathy in November. One year later, in November of 2000, the Lord led us back to Washington to serve at Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma under Pastor Mark Smith. I was privileged to be part of the pastoral staff for over nineteen years before God’s clear calling on our family to the country of Honduras.”

Brandon Lane 
Kathy Lane

“Since my dad was in the military, our family was stationed at the Kaiserslautern military base in Germany in 1983. I was saved and baptized at Rheinland Baptist Church in Landstuhl, Germany, when I was seven years old; and we attended there until the military moved us to Ft. Lewis, Washington, in 1989. Our family found a new home church to attend and quickly joined Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, Washington, under Pastor Mike Kinney. I had the privilege to work various ministries at Temple Baptist Church, and met my future husband during a missions conference at our church in 1995. I attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida for two years and then transferred to Massillon Baptist College in Ohio to finish out my schooling and graduated in May of 1999. Brandon and I were married a few months later in November and served at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Irving, Texas for one year. The Lord then led us back to Washington to serve at Faith Baptist Church under Pastor Mark Smith and we have been serving there for the past nineteen years in various ministry opportunities.”

"My name is Dakota Lane, and I have been serving together with my family in Honduras since our arrival in 2022. I came to a saving knowledge of Christ at the age of five during our church's missions conference. Having the privilege of growing up the ministry, I have always had the desire to serve in whatever capacity God saw fit. After graduating high school in 2020, I traveled with my family around the country on deputation as we prepared ourselves for the missions field. Since our arrival in Honduras, God has opened up a multitude of doors of ministry for me to be involved in. From preaching and teaching, to music and construction, to international missions endeavors spanning multiple countries, my personal opportunities for ministry continue to expand year by year. I count it a great privilege and honor to serve with my family as we labor together to glorify Christ in our rapidly-expanding ministry." 

Dakota Lane

“At the age of six, I was led through the salvation story by my older brother and accepted Christ as my Savior. Having grown up as staff kid and a student of the Christian academy, I was regularly involved in ministry, with nearly every day of the week spent on our church property. The missions-mindedness of our church, the efforts and time which our pastor invested in us, the constant involvement of our entire family--these instilled in me a desire to serve and help others. My very first missions trip was in 2017 to Danlí, and just a few short years later, we made our first steps towards the mission field and began deputation. Since my graduation in 2022, I've had added time and freedom to be more deeply involved in any capacity the Lord sees fit. I never imagined that He would direct our ministry in ways that would prove to be so diverse and unexpected. He has allowed me to serve in several specific areas, such as web design, communications, writing, music ministry, and graphics. It is so thrilling to watch brand-new doors being opened by God, and I am so thankful for the chance to serve together with my family on the mission field." 

MaKayla Lane

“My name is Brayden and I was saved when I was five years old on December 10, 2017. My parents led me to the Lord and I was baptized a couple weeks later by my dad at our church. We have been here in Honduras as missionaries since 2022. I am being homeschooled right now through the online Abeka classes. I am learning Spanish and how to play the piano, and I sometimes sing specials with my family. My favorite things about Honduras is that it is always hot and green. I enjoy spending lots of time outside on our big property doing lots of activities. When certain events come, I help my parents with set-up and whatever they need me to do. I like being a missionary and traveling to new countries with my family and seeing different places where the Lord takes us." 

Brayden Lane
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