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We have been blessed to be in touch with several outstanding and influential men of God, and whose advice has been indispensable over the years. These men have very graciously supported and encouraged our family's move to the mission field.

Pastor Mark T. Smith

Dr. David Gibbs

We have been blessed to have Bro. Lane and his dear family laboring alongside us here at Faith Baptist Church for nearly twenty years, working faithfully on staff and serving with us on missions projects around the globe. Brandon and Kathy bring decades of experience in leadership and administration, as well as a variety of skills ranging from planning and organization, to construction, teaching, preaching, and music. They have been dedicated, faithful, and obedient to their Pastor, and while we will greatly miss their presence and sweet spirit, we are thrilled for the doors of opportunity God has opened for us to continue laboring together in this new capacity of ministry.


The Lanes have always had a love and a burden for international missions, but in 2016, God made clear this distinct calling on their family, and the Holy Spirit began to guide their hearts towards Honduras. After much prayer, we extended this open door of opportunity in Danlí as a direction for their ministry on the mission field, as God has greatly expanded the opportunities there and we believe Bro. Lane is the right man to carry the ministry forward.


We hope your church will see this as a great opportunity to expand your missions outreach, and that you will prayerfully consider laboring together with us in Central America by supporting the Lane Family to Honduras.


Pastor Mark T. Smith

Faith Baptist Church

Tacoma, Washington

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