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Ways To Get Involved

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Partner with us in the most powerful and impactful way--by adding us to your prayer list and bringing our family before the Almighty. 

Prayer Support





Donate Now

Please make sure to note our name, the project, and our BIMI missionary identification number: #1624. That way, we can ensure the funds are properly distributed. 

We want to make this as simple and convenient for you as possible. You can give through your preferred method--through PayPal, phone, check, or recurring ACH debit. 

One-time Donation

Giving financially to missions is more than just money. It is a rewarding experience and an eternal investment in the lives of people around the world. We remember what our pastor said at our missions conference years ago: "Is it that you have to give (to be in possession of, to be blessed) or that you have to give (to be under obligation)?" It really comes down to the perspective of how we view what God has given to us and what opportunities He has afforded us with. If you are interested in a one-time donation, there are so many ways to become involved. 


Monthly Support

Raising financial support is undoubtedly a necessity for every missionary family. There are many expenses involved including the cost to move, live, and maintain our lives on the foreign field. Some expenses include visas, residency paperwork, shipping containers, housing, health insurance, taxes, education, travel, vehicles, and various other ministry expenses. But our most pressing need right now are materials and funds for construction and projects. One of our goals is to constantly be improving and developing and growing here at the Faith Baptist Training Center. We wish to expand our facilities and further our outreach and impact on the pastors and groups who come to visit us. 


Project Donation

Every single month we have new projects for which we need help--from financial contributions to supplies and construction materials to manpower to evangelical resources. Some churches have raised money towards a project like providing whole Bibles, New Testaments, tracts, or other resource materials for local ministry outreach. On the other hand, some churches or individuals have provided their time and talents by helping build a church or be a part of various evangelistic outreaches here on the field of Honduras. If you or your church is interested in getting involved in one or more of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone call.



At our annual Danlí pastors' training conference, our desire is to be as much of a blessing and encouragement as possible. Therefore, we cover the cost for each pastor's complete lodging, food, and resource materials, and ask only that they take care of their own transportation to and from our facilities. Now, through our sponsor-a-pastor program, you can get involved--whether it be through your church mission outreach, individually, or as a family, you now have the opportunity to fund one pastor's complete stay for $100. This $100 will cover his lodging, food, utilities, an in-depth work booklet which corresponds to each session, boxes of gospel tracts and New Testaments, and many other study helps. This is a wonderful way to get involved if you want to know exactly where your funds are being applied.


Prayer Support

Involving others personally is the most effective program for prayer! Our desire is to enlist as many individuals as possible to partner with us in prayer for world missions. The faithful prayers of God’s people are crucial to the ministry of our family on the mission field. We would be eternally grateful if you would consider partnering with us in prayer as we labor together to serve the Lord in the country of Honduras! If you desire to know specific prayer requests, such as current projects, difficulties, health, or other such details, please reach out to us or read our latest prayer letter! We covet the precious prayers of God's people as we know it is absolutely vital to the success of our ministry endeavors.

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